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Sustainability Culture


Barry-Hamel Equipment Ltd. provides a wide fleet of rental equipment and service repairs to customer owned machines. This in turn reduces welding equipment from being sent to scrapping or garbage dumps throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

By servicing our customers' machines and renting to avoid the purchase of new equipment, Barry-Hamel estimates each year we eliminate over 50,000 Lbs. of metal and plastics from being sent to the scrap yards.

Our company recycles and/or disposes of products through environmentally friendly processes. All filler metals (Welding Wire, Electrodes, etc.) can be accompanied with certification of their content and potential hazardous elements that may require special disposal attention at their life’s end.

Barry-Hamel Equipment endeavours to continually improve its culture of sustainability within all of our facilities. We strive to lower power consumption, encourage plants in the offices, use of environmentally friendly office equipment, and conscious of the usage and disposal of plastic and metal items in a ‘Earth Friendly’ manner.

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